I am a sociologist, researcher, educator, and award-winning author from Canada who is an internationally recongized scholar. As a writer and scholar I have writen in more than ten languages and have had my work published and studied in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. My teaching experience as an educator focusing on teaching social science subjects includes both high school classes and university classes.  

As a university professor I have taught graduate and undergraduate students studying  (1) international relations, (2) journalism / communication studies / media studies, (3) political science, and (4) sociology. Some of the university courses that I have taught include global currents, social deviance and control theory, social stratification, research methods, communication theory, political parties and interest groups, and research design. I have also held workshops and seminars about research methods and teaching philosophies for graduate students in teachers colleges or graduate schools of education. 

As a high school teacher I have experience with Australian and British curricula in their internationalized formats. I taught for the International South Australian Certificate for Education (SACE) curriculum as an instructor. I am currently teaching Cambridge International sociology and problem-based learning (PBL) research classed in the Advanced Level (A-Level) program at Jinan Thomas Experimental School. I also co-manage the Model United Nations (MUN) elective.